Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Too much complexity! I like the simplicity of Ricky’s Weather Forecasting Stone

Too much complexity in the last few posts and related comments: multivariate analyses, path coefficients, nonparametric statistics, competing and interaction effects, explained variance, plant protein and colorectal cancer, the China Study, raw plant foods possibly giving people cancer unless they don’t …

I like simplicity though, and so does my mentor. I really like the simplicity of Ricky’s Weather Forecasting Stone. (See photo below, from … I will tell you in the comments section. Click on it to enlarge. Use the "CRTL" and "+" keys to zoom in, and CRTL" and "-" to zoom out.)

Can you guess who the gentleman on the photo is?

A few hints. He is a widely read and very smart blogger. He likes to eat a lot of saturated fat, and yet is very lean. If you do not read his blog, you should. Reading his blog is like heavy resistance exercise, for the brain. It is not much unlike doing an IQ test with advanced biology and physiology material mixed in, and a lot of joking around.

Like heavy resistance exercise, reading his blog is hard, but you fell pretty good after doing it.


LeonRover said...
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LeonRover said...

I . i . i . t . s . .

Hyper Petro, the Hard Man oot a' the Gorbals.

You deserve a little fun now, Ned, boyo. What you bin doin', it too much like work, mon.

Ned Kock said...

You win Leon!

The photo is from this link:

This is from one of the blogs written by Peter, whose main blog is Hyperlipid:

Aaron Blaisdell said...

LeonRover beat me to it. Damn it! (said in classic Robb Wolf voice from podcast). I can only understand half of what Peter writes. So if the other half is equally funny and prescient, then he's a genius beyond us.

Ned Kock said...

Hi Aaron.

Maybe Peter should get an honorary PhD for his blog. I just don't think Drs. Campbell or Krauss will support the idea.

Asclepius said...
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Asclepius said...

This post reminded me of DeVany's Third Law which states:

"We should recognize the limits of knowledge and just get on the path that favours better outcomes."

Ned Kock said...

Hi Asclepius.

Also, I believe Einstein once said something like this:

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler."

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