Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Friedewald and Iranian equations: Fasting triglycerides can seriously distort calculated LDL

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LeonRover said...

Hello Ned,

Had you thought of getting hold of enough data to construct a Kock 2nd order regression ?

Like your "not Fooled by Randomness" approach.


Ned Kock said...

Hi Leon.

First I would have to find some time to breathe, as I am up to my ears with work these days. I don't even know how I can find time to blog.

But if I could, in the future, I would love to work on something like a nonlinear regression model in collaboration with medical researchers. Software to do the analyses already exists:

Dr. Curmudgeon Gee said...

awesome. thanks.

I've been wonder, why they don't use at least at least use 2nd order fit. or some other parametric fit of other basis. it's not that hard & one page Matlab script can do it. (FYI i'm a physicist)

but i guess it is beyond most MDs ability as most of them are rather poor at math. XD

yes, please could you find a better fit?

Dr. Curmudgeon Gee said...

sorry. i am trying to get follow-up emails. & could not do it without leaving another (useless) comment.


Ned Kock said...

Hi Gee.

Still, it seems that the Iranian eq., as is and at least for those with low trigs, yields reasonably reliable LDL-C figures.

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Anonymous said...

My total cholesterol is 235.
HDL is 75.
Triglycerides are 56.

Would this Iranian equation be a better indicator for me?

Thank you.